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Axe Breaker Hardwoods New Zealand, importing Colorado Red (Quebracho), Brazilian Hickory (Guajuvira), Anchico and Eucalyptus direct from Argentina to supply New Zealand with a fresh look timber.

The wood we import has been used for centuries worldwide because of its physical properties. The wood we deal with is a symbol of steadiness and firmness. Hardwood such as Quebracho is the national emblem of Argentina. The team at Axe Breaker are excited to present this new product to our local market. Our timber qualifies New Zealand building codes in terms of hardness and durability.

Let Us Help You To Make New Zealand Health, Sustainable And Chemical Free

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Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible product and service.

Stu Mackenzie

Managing Director

Stu is passionate about the use of chemical-free timber for construction in New Zealand. His dream is healthy, sustainable and chemical-free New Zealand for generations to come. During his travel to South America he came across abundant hardwood in Argentina. It was like his dream comes true. In collaboration with mates in New Zealand he is introducing CHEMICAL FREE hardwood in New Zealand. Stu is married to Sandra with two boys Connor and Jesse. He is fond of classic cars, boats and fishing and long walks on the beach. Stu and family love animals and have been funding DOG RESCUE work in Argentia.

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