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Quebracho Colorado

Quebracho Colorado.

Quebracho wood is one of the hardest wood known, at least according to the Janka Scale. Just below the Australian bull oak. In fact Quebracho name comes from the word “Axe Breaker”, which gives us an idea of ​​its extreme hardness.

There are different species: the quebracho colorado santiagueño, the colorado chaqueño or the white. The latter being not only lighter in color, but also much lighter. All these species are typical of South America, and we can find them in countries like Argentina or Paraguay. The common name of the genus is «Schinopsis«.

Its growth is slow, and due to excessive exploitation during the last century, its population has been greatly reduced but still we can provide.

Characteristics of Quebracho Wood

• Reddish color, darker as we delve into the trunk. It darkens even more with exposure to sunlight.

• Irregular grain.

• Straight and fine fiber.

• Huge resistance and density. Approximate density of 1,235 kg / m3.

• Great resistance to moisture. It is considered almost imputrescible, it doesn´t rotten. Its durability is very high, even when buried. It is not susceptible to insect attack.

• Its extraordinary hardness and irregular grain make it a hard wood to work. It produces great wear on the tools. They behave well with finishes.

• Slow drying. There is a risk of cracks and deformations.

• The price of quebracho wood is high outside its areas of origin. It is considered an exotic wood.

• The heartwood is very rich in tannins, above even 30%.

Uses of Quebracho

• Cabinetmaking.

• Furniture.

• Construction of houses and infrastructure such as bridges.

• Railroad sleepers.

• Fences for cattle.

• The large amount of tannins that it has made one of the main uses of quebracho has been to tan leather. And also one of the reasons for overexploitation.

• Very used as coal or firewood for the preparation of various dishes, highlighting meats.

• Within the cultures of the area quebracho wood has medicinal uses, and even rituals.

Botanical Species: Schinopsis balansae

Characteristics of the log:

– Useful length: 4 to 6 m.

– Average diameter: 0.50m.

Organoleptic characteristics:

– Sapwood color: White – pink

– Heartwood color: Brown – reddish

– Smell: Absent – Veined: Soft Eared

– Brightness: Medium – Texture: Fine and homogeneous

– Grain: Interlaced

Physical properties: with 15% humidity

– Specific Weight: 1250 kg / m3

– Total Radial Contraction: 4.3%

– Total Tangential Contraction: 7.4%

– Total Volumetric Shrinkage: 11.3%

– T / R contraction ratio: 1.72

– Dimensional Stability: Medium Stable

– Porosity: 16.7%

– Compactness: 83.3%

– Penetrability to liquid impregnation: Impen.

– Green moisture content: 42%

General technical characteristics:

Very hard, very heavy, moderate contractions, impenetrable.

Mechanical properties:

– Flexion – Breakage module: 1400 kg / cm2

– Flexion – Modulus of elasticity: 154,000 kg / cm2

– Compression – Breakage module: 855 kg / cm2

– Compression – Modulus of elasticity: no data

Fuel: Slow

Natural durability:

Fungi: Very durable Insects: Resistant

Drying behavior:

Slow drying and medium standards should be applied. The application of sealants will reduce the risk of cracks and cracks in the heads of sawn parts.

Workability conditions:

Very hard on sawing and nailing. It brushes and polishes without difficulty, giving smooth and shiny surfaces. Take the luster well, but not the paints.

Common uses in construction:

Bases and Foundations; External thresholds and steps .; External columns .; beams and Structure ceilings; External stairs

Axe Breaker Hardwood New Zealand

Axe Breaker Hardwoods New Zealand, importing Colorado Red (Quebracho), Brazilian Hickory (Guajuvira) and Radiata Pine direct from Argentina to supply New Zealand with a fresh look timber. The wood we import has been used for centuries worldwide because of its physical properties. The wood we deal with is a symbol of steadiness and firmness. Hardwood such as Quebracho is the national emblem of Argentina. The team at Axe Breaker are excited to present this new product to our local market. Our timber qualifies New Zealand building codes in terms of hardness and durability.