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Eucaliptus Fact Sheet

Eucalyptus hardwood has a distinct reddish to brown color. Some say eucalyptus wood can even stay in wet environments for 10 years without any decay. Eucalyptus sapwood is pale cream. Its grain has a nice pattern that not many other trees have. For details click here

Axe Breaker Hardwood New Zealand

Axe Breaker Hardwoods New Zealand, importing Colorado Red (Quebracho), Brazilian Hickory (Guajuvira) and Radiata Pine direct from Argentina to supply New Zealand with a fresh look timber. The wood we import has been used for centuries worldwide because of its physical properties. The wood we deal with is a symbol of steadiness and firmness. Hardwood such as Quebracho is the national emblem of Argentina. The team at Axe Breaker are excited to present this new product to our local market. Our timber qualifies New Zealand building codes in terms of hardness and durability.