Hardwood Blocks





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Hardwood Blocks

$350 each

These blocks of Hardwood have been salvaged from the Dunedin

Railways Works building and where used in  part of the Gantry.

They are all slightly different in profile.

All at around 600/700 high

250/250 300/250 290/270 400/300 290275 wide there abouts

There is about 8 in total.


Make great chopping Blocks or

Garden art



These timbers have been reclaimed from a railways works yard in Dunedin. These beams are old but in use able condition. Some have brackets and bolts to and to show the rustic charm. Please note these are Australian hardwood  and maybe Jarrah Iron Bark and Eucalyptus.

We are happy to deliver to any Freight forward yard for delivery to your area.

=> Axe Breaker Hardwood and Salvage New Zealand, is the symbol of recycling, up-cycling, sustainable timber harvesting, and advocates for chemical-free timber in New Zealand. We proudly feed the needs of the building industry in New Zealand.

=> Our products are selected with extreme care, durability, and love for the environment. We don’t only sell what we have in stock but will hunt for the product you are in desperate need of. We are small enough to look after our clients on an individual basis, but we are big enough to fulfill your mega-building demands.

NOTE: If you are not sure about our grading criteria, please send us a message and we will get back to you as necessary.

=> Grade A = In excellent/near new condition – no nails no bora

=> Grade B = In good condition with some defects some nails (marked)

=> Grade C = In useable condition. It May have a few cracks, shakes, nails, and bora as marked

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*If you are not 100% satisfied with the product we will replace the product. Just return it to our warehouse.

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