Axe Breaker Hardwoods New Zealand, importing Colorado Red (Quebracho), Brazilian Hickory (Guajuvira) and Radiata Pine direct from Argentina to supply New Zealand with a fresh look timber.

The wood we import has been used for centuries worldwide because of its physical properties. The wood we deal with is a symbol of steadiness and firmness. Hardwood such as Quebracho is the national emblem of Argentina. The team at Axe Breaker are excited to present this new product to our local market. Our timber qualifies New Zealand building codes in terms of hardness and durability.

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Our Rare Find

Our team in Argentina has found these amazing slabs of Timbo timber, milled in the 1920s. The wood is not being milled anymore. There are only 60 pieces left in the world. The good news is that the AxeBreaker owns all of them and ONLY SEVEN (7) slabs are in New Zealand – just for you. The pieces range in sizes from 4 metres by 1000 meter up to 6800. This hardwood is perfect for designing bar tables, artwork, wood carving and many more. 

Exotic Hardwood

Quebracho Hardwood

Quebracho is a common name in Spanish to describe very hard (density 0.9–1.3) wood tree species. The etymology of the name derived from quiebrahacha, or quebrar hacha, meaning “axe-breaker”.

Guajuvira Hardwood

Guajuvira is distinctive and unique enough to be identified from a distance. It’s definitely not “your neighbor’s floor”! It comes to us from South America’s premier environmentally-certified flooring mill. An exceptionally-hard and durable wood, Guajuvira has a natural variation in color and striking contrasts that disguise the evidence of an active family. Milled with micro-bevels and a smooth surface, this flooring is suitable for at-grade or above-grade installations, and can be nailed, or glued with the proper mastic. The finish has a limited 25-year residential warranty.

Eucaliptus Hardwood

Eucalyptus hardwood has a distinct reddish to brown color. Some say eucalyptus wood can even stay in wet environments for 10 years without any decay. Eucalyptus sapwood is pale cream. Its grain has a nice pattern that not many other trees have.

Anchico Hardwood

Anchico (Piptaderia Rigida) hardwood is dense wood and is resistant to the elements and is used for construction, carpentry, beams for bridges and poles. The wood is said to be unaffected by insects including termites and it can last more than 20 years unpainted. Anchico ​is native to Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay and is used for construction, carpentry, beams for bridges, poles and firewood.

Our Hardwood Uses

Quebracho is used for heavy construction, railroad cross-ties, and fence posts (within its natural range), as well as furniture, and turned objects (when exported).

Guajuvira can be used for  hardwood flooring, Luxury Furniture, Doors, Windows and Tool Handles.

Eucalyptus is used for all types of construction, fine as well as utilitarian, light and heavy. It is often made into flooring or objects such as bowls, and traditional Aboriginal didgeridoos are created from eucalyptus logs that have been hollowed out by termites.

Anchico is high density wood and is resistant to the elements and is used for construction, carpentry, beams for bridges, poles and firewood.